Ny Grandma got me started . . .

my love of cooking keeps me going

Black Kettle Seasonings is a small company whose mission is to add big flavor to your meals. Jim Jeffries is the owner, operator, sales person, driver, demo person, bottle washer, shipping clerk and complaint department.

For Jim, it all started at about 8 years of age, while staying with his maternal grandparents on the farm for the summer. His Grandmother helped him make a batch of BBQ sauce one day.

"After that she always said I needed a bathtub and scoop shovel to cook," Jim recalls. "I think I may have been a little messy.

"I guess stirring in the pan is a lot like coloring in the lines. Maybe that’s why I cook outside a lot. The mess is easier to clean, just mow the grass and wait a few days," Jim says. "In high school I worked as a short order cook, but didn’t begin experimenting with seasonings until several years later. I started with an existing blend and added and deleted to my taste.

"Friends kept telling me I should 'bottle that and sell it.' At this point I had to define what the recipe was. Until then, the end result was different each time. This is when I came up with Black Kettle Seasonings Original Blend," Jim says.

Jim chose "Black Kettle Seasonings" as the name of his special concoction, because he does a lot of outdoor cooking in cast iron pots. "I actually own the pot that is the Black Kettle Seasonings logo."

About six years after introducing the original Black Kettle Seasoning, Jim put his second product, "Jimmy's Sweet Blend," on the market.

In January 2010, Jim's daughter, LaCinda, requested a seasoning with no sugar. Never a Dad to disappoint his children, Jim experimented with some smoked paprika and other spices. After tweaking and perfecting the recipe, LaCinda’s Smoky Blend became the third offering in the Black Kettle Seasonings line.

Jim hopes that you will enjoy the Black Kettle Seasonings blends.  Experiment with them as you spice up your meals.  Add them to your favorite dishes when you want to "kick it up a notch" in your kitchen.  Check out the Recipe page on this website, and try something new.  Check back often, as we add new recipes on a regular basis.

All Black Kettle Seasonings are prepared and packaged by Old World Spice Company and meet or exceed all regulations for preparation and packaging.

Black Kettle Seasonings - Adding Spice to Your Life.