Hash Brown Casserole

Looking for a quick, easy and tasty side dish? Try this awesome recipe.  

Chopped hash browns (you could use shredded if you wish) from the freezer section 

Put the hash browns in the microwave with a little water until done. Rinse in cold water to get starch off, so they don't stick together. Drain and pat dry. Place hash browns in medium-hot skillet with a little of your favorite oil. Cook for about 4 minutes, until brown. Turn and repeat. 

Melt a little butter on potatoes.Sprinkle with Original Blend Black Kettle Seasoning.

Sweet Onions

I got this recipe from Mom. 

Slice an onion - Mom says it does not matter what kind, about 3/8 inch thick.Put in skillet with about a tablespoon of oil.

Put in about 1/2 half cup of Jimmy's Sweet Blend, Black Kettle Seasonings, and sweat onions until desired consistency.  

Mom said she could make a meal out of the onions alone. Pucker up and get ready.